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Food Recall: Hot Dogs May Contain Metal Parts

Believe it or not, a recent food recall may have helped to save many lives as we approach Memorial Day weekend.

According to consumer safety watchdogs, Vienna Beef recalled 2,030 pounds of beef hot dogs as they worried that the meat may have pieces of metal. Because the items may put consumers lives in jeopardy, consumers should not ignore the recall.

The firm noticed the issue and promptly contacted the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to report the problem. Impacted items included 2013 10-pound packages of beef frankfurters sold in several states. While the firm did not distribute them to supermarkets or other online grocery stores, the items are dangerous. If you have the hot dogs in your possession or know of someone who does, act fast to prevent health concerns. Especially as officials are making sure that the firm is collecting all items back.

Don’t Ignore Dangerous Food-Related Recalls

Like car recalls and other types, food recalls are serious and may put you and your loved ones in great danger. When it comes to recalls involving consumer items that expose you to health concerns that could be serious, ignoring recalls will not help, quite the contrary.

Unfortunately, many consumers eat contaminated or dangerous consumer items and end up suffering the consequences before a recall is launched. As personal injury attorneys, we understand what victims suffer and know the importance of seeking professional help when that happens. If you are suffering health issues because of contaminated food items, do not wait any longer. Many victims lose wages because of their incident and suffer tremendously due to adverse reactions.

You may follow this link to read more about the hot dog recall. To contact our attorneys for questions regarding a possible food poisoning or other related personal injury incident, click here.

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