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Following 100 Incidents, NHTSA Opens Probe Into Honda Accords

Over one million Honda vehicles are under investigation by officials with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over steering issues, a series of news outlets has reported. 

After receiving 107 reports of loss of steering control, regulators opened a probe into the 2013 through 2015 Honda Accord models. In these incident reports, drivers claimed they experienced loss of steering control under normal conditions and that their vehicles deviated from the intended path of travel unexpectedly. At least two of these incidents resulted in injuries.

Depending on what regulators uncover during this investigation, the firm might have to launch a recall in the near future. At least 1,120,470 vehicles would be affected in case an equipment defect is detected.

NHTSA: Report Equipment Failures To Help Keep Drivers Safe

While regulators received over 100 complaints about the Honda Accord, the decision to launch a probe through NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation came after a petition from a driver whose vehicle “repeatedly turned 90 degrees of its own volition,” he stated. The issue was then replicated by the automaker and its mechanics. In order to determine whether Honda vehicles of the same model present the same issues, the NHTSA’s Office of Defects is investigating to determine whether a recall is in order. 

In a statement, Honda said that it’s cooperating with regulators and that its engineers are carrying out their own investigation.

If regulators find a pattern of defects, the firm will be compelled to launch a recall as soon as possible to help avoid accidents and injuries. Considering the magnitude of a recall involving over one million vehicles, it is important to remind drivers that when they report issues they experience with regulators, defective equipment issues are more likely to be addressed. 

If you own a Honda vehicle and you worry you might be putting your life and the lives of others in danger, click here to read the full article. Until officials are done with their probe into this matter, feel free to contact Honda directly to have your concerns addressed. 

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