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Follow These Motorcycle Winter Riding Tips To Avoid Crashes

Motorcycle riding in winter can be quite dangerous. Ask any veteran motorcycle rider and he will tell you that ice and motorbikes just don’t mix well.

In order to keep yourself safe this winter, make sure you understand the dangers that await you in case you do not follow them and act accordingly.

1- Don’t Speed

When the weather is cold, so are your tires. When tires are cold, they also have less traction. Aside from checking your tires’ pressure more regularly during winter, you should also remember that slowing down is key to survival during the freezing season.

While this advice may sound basic and simple, it is the single most important recommendation you should follow as a motorcycle rider. Especially if you want to make it home safe.

2- If It Snows, Consider Staying Home

When the weather is freezing and a snowstorm kicks in, visibility can become a real problem. If you are still home, considering to stay inside will help to avoid accidents. But if you’re already out, the best way to prevent serious collisions is to stop by the nearest mall or gas station and wait until you have good visibility again.

3- Always Wear The Appropriate Motorcycle Safety Gear

When it comes to riding your bike in the winter, nothing beats having some heavy-duty gear that is appropriate for the weather. Boots, jacket, gloves, pants, and a full-face helmet approved by the DOT are all essential.

The gear is important not just because it protects you from injuries in a crash. But also because it will help to protect you from the cold. You could even invest in some heated gear that come with electronics designed to allow you to charge them beforehand. Some will also hook up to your motorcycle so you can charge them on the go.

Either way, investing in winter-ready gear is essential.

For more tips on how to avoid accidents while riding this winter, follow this link.

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