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Five Companies Under Scrutiny Over Seattle Crane Crash

After the deadly Seattle crane crash, many brought up the risks associated with the growing number of newer constructions in the city. After all, with the tech industry growing its presence in the region, Seattle builders are busy erecting new commercial and residential buildings. Now, CNN reports, at least five companies are under investigation following the tragic collapse that killed four people.

Officials from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries say that the investigation into the horrific accident could take up to six months. Looking into the five companies behind this tragedy, they added, is part of the process.

Seattle Crane Crash Killed Four

The accident happened when a crane fell from a new Google Seattle campus building. A college student who was in one of the cars hit by the crane, died.  Other victims included the former deputy director of the Department of Planning and Development,an ironworker, and a fourth person.

According to the news outlet, the crane industry must follow a great deal of rules. But even under such a great deal of regulations, it is still easy to find workers who do not require any licensing. As a matter of fact, experts said, those responsible for assembling or disassembling cranes do not need any certification.


Regardless of who needs and who doesn’t need any certification, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure everyone is safe. This means that it is also their responsibility to ensure everyone involved knows what they are doing. While it is still early to know what happened prior to the accident, experts believe that proper certification may have helped.

For the sake of other Seattle drivers and residents, we hope that officials can identify just what happened prior to this accident. This will help other companies to avoid similar occurrences. Especially now that construction companies are building so many new buildings in Seattle.

As we wait for more details on this investigation, we pray for the victims and their loved ones as they go through this difficult time.

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