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Fire Risk Prompts Mercedes-Benz Recall

According to a series of news reports, Mercedes-Benz is recalling several GLE350 and GLE450 SUVs over a fuel tank problem.

The official report shows that the firm believes that the 2020 SUV models come with fuel filler pipe connections with the fuel tank that experiences improperly welding. This means that the fuel may end up leaking. If an ignition source is present as the fuel leaks, a fire may break out.

In order to prevent incidents that could lead to injuries and even death, the firm is notifying owners on October 1st through the mail. Then, impacted car owners may contact dealers where the staff should be able to replace the fuel tanks for free.

Prevent Fires, Injuries, And Death, Fix Your Mercedes-Benz

Many auto recalls go virtually ignored as many car owners fail to update their information with automakers. Because of this, accidents happen, and victims suffer injuries, sometimes serious ones.

While we didn’t learn of any accident or fire related to this recall, it’s important that affected drivers don’t ignore the risks. Most importantly, they should heed the company’s recommendations as soon as they receive the notice in the mail. However, if they fear for their safety, they should contact Mercedes-Benz directly.

In order to keep track of these recalls and make sure that your vehicle is always in top shape, you should also visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to learn more about any other open recalls your vehicles may have. By tying in your car’s VIN, the site will give you more information. This tool is especially important if you are buying an used car and want to make sure the vehicle isn’t dangerous.

Many dealers won’t fix recalled cars before selling them. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of open recalls.

If you would like to know more about this Mercedes-Benz recall, follow this link.

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