Fire Risks Prompt Toyota To Launch Two New Auto Recalls

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Yet again, Toyota launches two recalls, impacting thousands of popular vehicles across the United States. Our readers should be made aware of this so they can avoid accidents.

Washington residents should not ignore these reports as they mean that a great number of people may be exposed to serious injury and accident risks.

According to Toyota, one of the recalls impacts all 2018 Toyota Camry sedans.

During assembly, these vehicles may have not had the fuel hoses and pipes properly connected in the engine compartment. As a result, fuel or fuel odor may leak. In the presence of an ignition source, this could lead to a fire.

The second recall is similar, as the issue may also lead to a fire. But in this case, the high-pressure fuel pump could experience damage over time. In this case, there might be a fuel leak that could then lead to a car fire.

Consumers who are serious about their safety know that they must have their vehicles repaired as soon as possible. But in this case, consumers may have to wait until April to have their vehicles repaired. That’s because the company is only going to contact impacted vehicle owners then.

Still, if you feel unsafe or uneasy, you may contact the company to obtain more details on what you should do to avoid accidents until a fix is available.

We as personal injury attorneys know just how dangerous open recalls can be, especially if you take a long time to have the issue addressed. We have helped countless victims and their families to recover after accidents tied to equipment failure left them injured. We hope that drivers who have been impacted are being able to get their cars fixed before reports of incidents surface.

If you would like to learn more about these recalls, follow this link for a full report.

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