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Fiat Chrysler Recall: Grand Cherokees May Experience Steering Issue

Whenever we think that Jeep’s problems are over, the firm releases another recall announcement. This time around, it impacts Jeep Grand Cherokees.

According to the latest report, Fiat Chrysler is recalling thousands of the 2019 and 2010 Jeep Cherokee SUVs. These vehicles, despite being from the latest model make, come with steering rack gears that could break. If this is the case, the driver will experience a loss of steering control. This could lead to accidents.

The firm said that dealers should replace all steering gears in the recalled vehicles for free.

Fiat Chrysler is contacting impacted vehicle owners on October 18th. Once you receive a letter in the mail discussing this recall, you should contact the manufacturer to schedule a visit to a dealer.

If you experience an accident because of this problem, contact the manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to report it. Ignoring accidents or issues that lead to accidents is irresponsible. And being an irresponsible driver means that you do not put safety first.

Do You Own A Jeep Cherokee? Ignoring This Recall Isn’t An Option

Owning a recall impacted by an open recall can lead to problems. Most importantly, they expose you and your loved ones to accident and injury risks. That’s why you should not ignore this campaign.

Whenever a company recalls a vehicle you own and use regularly, use caution. If needed, contact the manufacturer to learn whether you’re in danger.

If the firm is doesn’t offer a fix right away and you experience an accident as a result, contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Regulators must know about any recall-related accidents. This will help them to identify the potential risks associated with the vehicles and may even prompt an investigation. And this could save lives.

You may read more about this recall here. For more recalls and related information, read our blog.

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