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Feds Launch Self-Driving Car Guidelines for Manufacturers

According to a series of news reports, the United States federal government has launched a list of self-driving car safety guidelines. These guidelines were developed to make sure that automakers and tech companies working on self-driving cars are following consistent rules.

The new guidelines are expected to help automakers by encouraging and yet avoiding over-regulation. This follows the efforts of several companies such as Google that have been pressing regulators to reveal guidelines promptly so that innovation wouldn’t be stifled. Many of these companies were concerned that their cars would have to be redesigned if the US government didn’t release a list of comprehensive guidelines.

The list of suggested rules focus on four major areas.

According to the reports, regulators introduced a 15-point safety checklist to automakers that could help them better shape their research and design in order to ensure the self-driving technology is making roads safer.

While this piece of news is important, it’s still not clear how the guidelines will help automakers to avoid having to make drastic changes once the government comes up with official autonomous car rules. Nevertheless, the Barack Obama administration has vowed to make sure that the lives of manufacturers are not ruined by regulations. Mainly because allowing them to work with a good amount of freedom may help experts to arrive at better, more efficient, and safer technologies.

Until these technologies are made available and drivers all have access to systems that could help them to stay safe by making sure that human error is taken out of the equation, we will only be able to hear about automakers and how successful their projects are by tuning in to the news.

Until we learn more about how the autonomous car technology can help us to stay safe, avoid crashes by simply paying attention to the road and following the road rules.

You may read more about the new guidelines and how they will help automakers to develop better technology by following this link.

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