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FDA Announces Birth Control Pill Recall Over Packaging Errors

It’s not always that you hear about birth control pills being recalled. However, Abotex Corp. reported that Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets, USP shipped nationwide may expose women to risks.

The items have an incorrect number of placebos or may be missing tablets. Because of the issue, and the pills’  packaging error, the patient will experience loss of efficacy and variation of dosage. This will eventually lead to adverse events or a potentially unwanted pregnancy.

At least four lots contain the problem. They are the 7DY008A, 7DY009A, 7DY010A, and 7DY011A lots. Patients may also identify the items by the numbers NDC No. 60505-4183-3 on the outer carton and NDC No. 60505-4183-1 on the inner carton.

Recalled items come with the expiration date of August 2020.

Impacted patients should contact their medical provider for advice on what to do after they learn their birth control pills were affected.

On Twitter, many were reporting on the recall.


We’re glad that this recall came out before anyone suffered any adverse reactions. It’s important that patients do not put themselves in danger by contacting their physicians prior to discontinuing the pills.

Drug Recalls Are Serious, Do Not Ignore Them

If you learn that a drug you use regularly was recalled, do not delay in acting. Contacting your physician and following the manufacturer’s instructions are imperative if you want to stay healthy and safe.

We often report on these recalls on our blog. But keeping up with the FDA news is also important. After all, the agency reports on recalls regularly and is always on top of drug and food items that may expose you to harm.

Hopefully, the FDA will continue to stay on top of these reports and publish them promptly to help more consumers.

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