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Family Loses Home After Semi Truck Accident On SR12

Two semi trucks were involved in an accident in Grays Harbor County in Washington that caused a family home to be severely destroyed, displacing an entire family of five. According to the Washington State Patrol, a semi truck was headed eastbound on State Route 12 on Friday when it veered into the westbound lane for unknown reasons, striking another semi truck. Due to the impact, the semi truck that veered into the westbound lane jackknifed, blocking both lanes whereas the second truck was sent crashing through a fence, two houses, and a camper trailer.

The first truck was not carrying anything while the second semi truck was carrying cranberries.

The person who was in the RV at the time of the accident sustained minor injuries. Both drivers also sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The two homes were unoccupied at the time of the crash. 

Family Displaced Due To Semi Truck Accident, Driver Expected To Face Charges

The local Red Cross reported that a family of five was displaced after the accident destroyed their Malone-Porter home. 

Due to the destruction caused by this truck crash, the driver is expected to be charged with second-degree negligent driving. However, officials did not immediately disclose a cause for the accident.

We hope that as more information becomes available after their investigation and officials are able to share more details with the public so drivers are aware of what factors caused the first semi truck to drive into oncoming traffic. 

It’s important that drivers are made aware of these accident reports so they may learn from other drivers’ mistakes. 

We hope officials are working diligently to identify what factors led to this tragic collision and how the involved parties could have prevented it. 

To learn more about this crash, follow this link for the full report.

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