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Even Gov’t Agencies Sell Cars With Open Recalls

Each week, thousands and sometimes even millions of vehicles are recalled over injury and crash risks.

These recalls are dangerous and often linked to crashes that lead to major accidents before campaigns are launched. That’s why agencies like the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have rules in place so automakers make sure that vehicles listed under recalls are repaired promptly.

But what happens when government entities auctioning off their used vehicles have units with open recalls in their portfolio?

According to an investigation that took place in Florida, local government entities are auctioning government-owned vehicles with open recalls associated with injury and crash risks.

To many, this is a hypocritical move, considering that when companies fail to act on equipment failure-related recalls they are usually faced with legal action.

In the state of Florida, local agencies including the Florida HIghway Patrol make about 1,300 vehicles available for auction each year. Since there are no requirements put in place regarding the necessity of disclosing open recalls associated with issues that could even lead to deaths, these vehicles are auctioned “as is,” and consumers are tasked with the chore of going after more information concerning any open recalls.

Used car dealers are often targeted by reporters and safety advocates for never disclosing information on vehicles with open recalls, but government officials do not seem to get the same scrutiny. If you’re planning on visiting a local vehicle auction, make sure to do your homework so you’re aware of any open recall that has been left unaddressed. Open recalls can be serious. And some are even related to issues that may lead to serious or even deadly injuries.

If you’re a Washington resident looking into purchasing a vehicle off a government auction, do not hit the road until you’re entirely aware that the vehicle you’re purchasing doesn’t have an open recall.

Currently, regulators do not have a rule in place demanding dealers and government to report on open recalls associated vehicles they make available to the public. Consumers are wise to stay alert and do their homework so their vehicles won’t put their lives in danger.

For more on this story, follow this link or watch the video below.

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