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Earth Day Is Around The Corner, And Street ‘Coating’ May Help Us Celebrate It

The city of Los Angeles, much like Seattle, is very concerned about climate change. As such, both cities are doing all in their power to celebrate the coming Earth Day by doing what they can to fight global warming locally. That also means making the city nicer to its residents, one street at a time.

In order to help cool the city down, Los Angeles is adding a grayish-white coat to the roadway in several locations across the city.

Because dark-colored asphalt absorbs a great deal of the sun’s rays, the streets and the entire area become hot as a result. This has been impacting major cities and creating the ürban heat island effect,” adding up to 22 degrees Fahrenheit to the average temperature of a city.

With this coat, which is known as CoolSeal, the rays coming from the sun are reflected and less heat will be absorbed.

In locations where roads have already been covered, officials register cooler temperatures than in other regions in the city. As a result, surrounding buildings don’t have to spend so much on air conditioning or other electricity costs. But drivers also benefit, as the hot asphalt doesn’t impact their cars’ tires as much.

Since this action benefits both the climate and consumers, it’s a great idea that we believe should be implemented elsewhere. After all, the increase in temperature in the city even impacts drivers and their moods, as well as their health.

Because many accidents happen due to road rage, CoolSeal may even benefit drivers overall, leading to a drop in the number of traffic accidents. If that’s the case, there are only good reasons to keep using the system and expand it.

We hope more streets are covered with this product. We also hope to see more cities doing all in their power to fight global warming. After all, this will boost our quality of life and make our lives as drivers much more enjoyable as a result.

For more on how the Los Angeles government is hoping to improve the road experience to locals, click here for more details.

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