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Dump Truck Crashes Into Subway Shop, Accident Leaves Several Injured

An accident in Seattle on Monday sent several people to the hospital, the Seattle Fire Department told reporters.

According to the reports, a dump truck driver lost control of the vehicle just before 9:30 a.m. as the truck traveled westbound on James Street. Because of a catastrophic mechanical failure, officials said, the truck rolled forward. After the vehicle hit a pedestrian at the corner of 2nd Avenue and James Street, the driver tried to steer the truck back through traffic, but she was unsuccessful. As a result, the vehicle hit three cars on James Street before it crashed into a Subway sandwich shop. The accident in the Pioneer Square prompted officials to close down the building as they were afraid structural damage could lead to major injuries.

Crews had to extricate the dump truck carefully to prevent further damage.

The truck broke into the shop and shattered the glass windows, leaving bystanders at awe as the two employees escaped injuries.

Despite this miracle, officials said that at least one woman was in the hospital after suffering serious injuries. Officials said that three others who suffered non-life threatening injuries are in satisfactory condition.

The dump truck driver sustained minor injuries.

After the accident, officials closed the road for several hours.

Equipment Failure Is Dangerous, Avoid An Accident

While we still require more information on this accident and the equipment failure that led to this crash, it is clear that a mechanical failure put lives in jeopardy.

We hope that officials can uncover the reason behind this accident. We also hope that those responsible for this mechanical issue do their best to prevent a similar accident in the future.

If you’re a driver, keep up with your car’s maintenance by never ignoring scheduled procedures and open recalls. Be a safe and responsible car owner.

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