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DUI Motorcycle Crash On Highway 240 Sends Passenger To Hospital

Motorcycle accidents happen too often in Seattle. And unfortunately, these accidents often result in injury.

As some may not know, motorcycle riding is dangerous because riders are not protected by the same carcass as drivers. Without this protection, any collision with a larger vehicle or on its own may lead to injuries. Unfortunately, motorcyclists who often ride with passengers also put their lives in danger.

The latest motorcycle accident involving a Washington rider unfortunately was reportedly associated with intoxication.

The rider had been riding while drunk (DUI) when all of a sudden, he lost control of the motorcycle. As a result, he crashed into a guardrail. The Highway 240 accident caused the man’s wife, who was riding along, to be thrown onto the road.

Court records show that the man’s blood-alcohol level was 0.185 percent. But the legal limit to drive is up to 0.08 in the state.

The wife suffered an open leg wound as well as broken bones, brain hemorrhage, and cuts to her face.

We are terribly saddened that this accident sent the woman to the hospital. We hope that she’s able to recover in full. We’re also hopeful that this accident will remind riders that riding under the influence is a serious offense. Just like drunk driving, the motorist whether on a car or a motorcycle will be more likely to experience a crash. Unfortunately, many of these accidents turn out serious.

If you would like to read more about this recall, follow this link.

For more information on how to avoid accidents, continue to read our blog. We often report on these collisions. The goal is simple: To help our readers and clients avoid crashes by knowing what factors, behaviors, and activities will lead to accidents.

If you take safety seriously, you will do all in your power to be a responsible driver.

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