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DUI Deaths On The Rise In Washington State

As we all know, distracted driving has become a serious issue not only in Washington, but also in the country. Now, statistics show that deadly intoxicated driving, or DUI-related crashes have risen considerably. Officials are becoming concerned.

According to an investigation by a local news organization, the rise in the number of DUI-related deaths in Washington may have been associated with law enforcement’s lack of drunk driving crackdowns.

As countless of families of victims speak of their concerns for the lack of attention law enforcement is giving to this problem, drivers across the Evergreen state are being urged to stay alert and focused on the road. They are also being urged to remember that drunk driving is not only dangerous — it’s also deadly and illegal.

If drivers are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones, they must never ignore the dangers associated with driving intoxicated. Like distracted drivers, drunk drivers fail to respond to emergencies on time, making crashes more likely to happen.

Because drivers need to be on top of their game, focused on the road and on the act of driving, they must also be 100 percent sober.

In 2015, Washington state saw 258 deaths associated with drunk driving. But during the same period, arrests for DUI fell by one-third.

Across the state, 23,484 DUI suspects where arrested, 10,771 arrests fewer than in 2011.

While there aren’t any signs that fewer drunk drivers are on Washington roads, officials admit that the number of DUI arrests are low. While we should expect more dedication from our law enforcement community, we also must remind drivers that they are the ones who are responsible for their actions. Being safe means being alert, focused, and sober — at all times.

You may follow this link to read more on the increase in deadly DUIs in the state or you may watch the video below. In any case, stay safe and remember to report on a drunk driver if you see one near you.

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