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Deadly Hit-And-Run Crash Caused By Distracted, Intoxicated Driver

It’s not always that we hear about a fatal crash involving a driver who was both intoxicated and distracted. Unfortunately, those types of crashes still happen every now and then.

As much as we are saddened to hear about these accidents, we are also terrified that not talking about them will actually make these types of accidents more likely to happen. That’s because drivers often ignore the potential consequence of certain actions if they haven’t heard of real-world cases of people who were injured, sometimes seriously, by acting in a way that may cause accidents.

The latest deadly crash to catch our attention happened on Interstate 5. The horrific accident, which was also a hit-and-run, killed three people.

The 23-year-old driver was on two different drugs while driving the vehicle and he had also been texting his girlfriend when he tried to pass a slower car. After the maneuver, he lost control of the vehicle, slamming into a Honda CRV and pushing it into the barrier. Due to the impact, the vehicle rolled over. The horrific incident caused the three occupants to suffer fatal injuries.

Due to the horrific crash, the fact that the driver was intoxicated, distracted, had been driving without a license, and fled the scene, prosecutors charged him with three counts of vehicular homicide and one count of failing to remain at the scene.

We’re terribly saddened that this horrific accident resulted in such deadly consequences. It is our hope that the victims’ families and friends are receiving the support they require in this time of need.

We hope that you, driver, have learned an important lesson by reading more about this crash. And we hope that as such, you won’t engage in the same destructive and dangerous behavior as this driver did.

For more on this particular hit-and-run accident, follow this link.

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