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Washington Troopers Forced To Babysit After DUI Arrest

We have been talking about the high number of DUI-related accidents happening in Washington state for quite some time now. After all, it concerns us that so many Washingtonians are driving carelessly and under the influence.

DUI-related accidents can be serious and sometimes even deadly. As such, we want to keep our readers and clients informed at all times.

But recently, an incident reported on the news that was also DUI-related, didn’t necessarily result in an accident. For that, we’re grateful.

What happened instead was something that was equally heartbreaking.

According to local news sources, Washington State Patrol troopers had to babysit a 10-month-old boy after their mother was pulled over and then arrested for DUI.

The reports show that the vehicle was spotted by a WSP aircraft when it was speeding on Interstate 82. As officials watched, they noticed that the vehicle was following too close to another car driving in front of it. When officials pulled the vehicle over, the 23-year-old driver smelled of “intoxicants,” officials said.

A bottle of vodka was also found in the car.

When a breath test was administered, the driver was above the limit. She was immediately arrested and her car was impounded. Troopers then took her baby to their office and waited for the child’s father.

Hopefully, the child was safe despite his mother’s behavior. We’re glad that WSP troopers were able to help the baby.

DUI driving is dangerous for a series of reasons. But as you can see in this case, it can be especially dangerous because drivers will ignore risks, drive fast, and potentially crash because of the erratic behavior produced because of the alcohol or drugs ingested.

We hope this report reminds our readers that DUI-driving is never a good option.

For more details on this story, follow this link.

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