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Drowsy Driving: Cyclist Killed After Driver Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel

Drowsy driving is a serious problem across the country. Here in Washington, we just witnessed how deadly the problem can be.

A bicycling grandmother was riding on the shoulder of State Route 7 near Eatonville last week when a 37-year-old driver going northbound struck her. He allowed his vehicle to leave the road and hit her from behind. The driver never stopped to aid the victim, and a passerby saw her body many hours later in a ditch.

The driver pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide, failure to remain at the the crash scene, possession of illicit substances. He was held in jail on bond.

After police received an anonymous tip including the man’s license plate number, officers went to the driver’s home.

He told police that he fell asleep at the wheel after working late the night before. He had only four hours of sleep and only noticed he hit something after the fact. Once he noticed a bicycle, he panicked and fled the scene.

Drowsy Driving Is Deadly, Drivers Must Take Steps To Avoid It

As this accident proves, drowsy driving is extremely dangerous. When drivers feel they are too tired to continue, they must pull over to a safe spot where they can rest before continuing.

If you have the option of asking another driver to take over, do not hesitate. Especially if driving long distances.

Much like distracted driving accident or drunk driving, drowsy driving makes it easier for the driver to ignore the conditions of the road ahead. Drowsy driving is irresponsible driving, and the reason many passengers, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists lose their lives.

Our thoughts go out to the family of the victim in this horrific accident. We hope that others learn from this driver’s mistakes so that Washington residents remain safe.

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