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Driving In The Snow? Follow These Foolproof Safety Tips To Prevent Accidents

The snowfall Washington residents saw on Christmas created nightmare-driving conditions for thousands of residents, leading to 1,144 incidents on King County roads alone, 279 of which were crashes. According to the Washington State Patrol (WSP), drivers are simply driving too fast

In the current weather conditions, trooper Rick Johnson said, drivers must go slower than the speed limit to stay safe. 

Unfortunately, many drivers throw caution to the wind and end up endangering themselves. 

In Snohomish County, officials registered 155 crashes during Christmas weekend while Skagit County saw 55. 

Follow These Safety Tips For A Safer Winter Driving Experience

As Seattle personal injury lawyers, we are concerned about the growing number of accidents being reported recently. 

We understand that for the last two years, the pandemic forced many to spend less time behind the wheel. This means that many drivers do not feel as confident, especially during winter. 

In order to help our clients and readers to go through this season without experiencing serious accidents, we put together a list of tips we believe all ought to follow, especially during and after snowstorms. 

Clear The Snow Off Of Your Car Before Hitting The Road

Seems like an unnecessary step to many, but clearing the snow off of your vehicle before driving can help to prevent accidents and keep Washington roads safe. 

By keeping snow that accumulates on your car from flying off onto other vehicles and roads, you help to prevent dangerous conditions and visibility issues for other drivers. 

Keep A Water Bottle At Hand

When temperatures drop below freezing, the windshield washer fluid can freeze, keeping you from clearing your windshield when it gets dirty from the snow or other debris. Having a water bottle in the car can help you clear the windshield in these situations. 

If It’s Snowing, Keep Your Headlights On (And Make Sure They Are Clean!) 

Keeping your headlights free from snow and dirt is essential during the winter. Additionally, drivers should never forget to keep their headlights on at all times during snowy weather. 

By following these tips, you will be less likely to experience or cause an accident during the winter. 

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