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Driving At Night: Tips To Stay Safe And Avoid Accidents

Driving at night carries a great deal of danger, mostly because poor visibility increases the risk of accidents. In many cases, driving at night can be so dangerous that it would be preferable if you could wait until morning to hit the road. However, there are circumstances that require you to drive at night, and you must be prepared to do so safely.

Below are five important tips you should follow for a safe night drive.

Check Your Vehicle

Is your vehicle properly and regularly maintained? Do you change the oil when needed? Do you inflate your tires properly? Are your headlights and brake lights working as they should? And finally, are your windows clean so you can see through them properly?

Those are all important questions you should always ask yourself before driving, day or night. But when it comes to night driving, having broken or missing lights can actually lead to a serious accident.

Know When To Use Your Lights

Your headlights should be on during the twilight hours as well, not because you can’t see ahead, but because others may not see you.

One hour before and after the night falls, things might be just dark enough that other drivers may not be able to see you well enough. Having your headlights on will make sure you won’t sneak up on anybody.

Beware Of Pedestrians And Cyclists

At night, drivers really need to work extra hard to be completely aware of their surroundings. Pedestrians and cyclists might be particularly hard to see depending on what they are wearing.

Whenever you approach a crosswalk or an intersection, slow down and check for pedestrians who, perhaps, didn’t see you approaching.

Plan Ahead

If you will be driving long distances at night, make sure you know your route well. Choose roads that are well lit and take note of locations where you could stop if you become tired. Drowsy driving is dangerous and potentially deadly.

Check Your Eyes Periodically

If you have to do drive at night regularly, making sure your eyesight is working well could help save your life. Because driving in the dark adds extra stress on your eyes, it’s important go through regular eye tests so you know you’re safe to keep going.

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