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Driver Sought In Deadly Hit-And-Run Crash

Reports have shown that the Washington State Patrol is on the lookout for a driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash that resulted in a 4-car pile up. The crash took place in Puyallup, Washington.

This type of crash report concerns us. Simply because drivers across the Evergreen state should keep in mind that they are responsible for their own safety. They are also responsible for what they do while behind the vehicle. If they are not following rules, they are exposing others to major risk.

The crash that is now receiving a lot of attention happened on Tuesday, at 5 pm, on State Route 167. The driver behind the wheel of a Maroon Toyota Camry was in the northbound lane of River Road when he saw a Saturn Vue pulling out from a side street. To avoid crashing, he swerved, losing control of the car. This led to a collision involving a third vehicle before it rolled over.

The man involved in the crash was not wearing a seat belt, which allowed him to be ejected from the vehicle due to the impact. Unfortunately, the driver was declared dead at the scene. The woman in the southbound car was seriously injured and taken to the hospital, while the third driver involved was not injured. All cars were totaled. The Saturn Vue driver drove away from the scene, prompting local officials to urge witnesses with any information to reach out to the authorities.

Drivers must understand that their actions have consequences. Know the rules and learn how to avoid similar accidents by only entering a road when safe. Also, keep in mind that seat belts should be buckled at all times. They save lives in these situations.

Our thoughts are with the family of the victim in this crash. We hope the authorities are able to find the driver who fled the scene, and hope other drivers are able to avoid similar accidents by staying focused. Whenever you’re involved in a crash, stay put until emergency personnel and law enforcement arrive at the scene. Fleeing the scene of an accident may put you in serious legal trouble.

For more on this tragic, deadly crash, follow this link.

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