Driver Dies After Suffering Serious Injuries In Two-Vehicle Accident

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January 25, 2019
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January 29, 2019
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Every now and there, an accident results in injuries that are life-threatening. But while many of the victims luckily survive and then go on to recover, others unfortunately succumb to the injuries. One of the last accidents reported by local news outlets involved a man who suffered serious injuries. Unfortunately, the man eventually died as a result.

The accident happened near Othello last week. According to officials, a 54-year-old driver was behind the wheel traveling on state Route 26/Moon Road intersection when he tried making a turn onto SR-26. That’s when the driver crossed the centerline, and a 2015 Toyota Camry drove into it. After the collision, the Camry left the road and rested on its top.

The Camry driver suffered injuries. Later in the hospital, he succumbed. The first driver did not suffer any injuries.

After the accident, officials blocked the road for five hours.

Avoid Accidents By Following Road Rules

We are still not sure what caused this accident. However, we know that other similar collisions happen when drivers fail to follow road rules or respect speed limits. If you’re a driver and you put safety first, you will understand that following rules will save your life.

In order to follow rules, you must be well aware of the potential consequences and penalties in case you don’t. Refreshing your knowledge on the traffic rules in Washington state is essential to avoid similar accidents.

We are saddened that this particular crash resulted in serious injuries and later, a death. As attorneys, we see too many of these crashes happening in our beautiful state. That’s why we do all in our power to help victims and their loved ones.

We hope those who read our blog are able to avoid accidents by learning to respect road rules and never engage in dangerous behavior while behind the wheel.

For more on this particular accident, follow this link.

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