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Driver Caught Sleeping Behind the Wheel of Tesla

The self-driving car revolution will continue to be debated across the country until the industry is able to promote a safe, and reliable option to drivers who are tired of long commutes. But as we all wait for tech companies and automakers to come up with reliable autonomous vehicles, we can spend some time talking about technologies under use now that are revolutionizing the way Americans drive.

That’s the case with Tesla’s autopilot technology.

According to Tech Insider, a Tesla owner was caught asleep behind the wheel while on the road. The vehicle was allegedly on autopilot. If that’s truly the case, Tesla owners may be experiencing the self-driving technology before the system is even widely available.

But is it safe?

Judge for yourself:

The autopilot technology used in Tesla vehicles uses 13 ultrasonic sensors that help Tesla vehicles steer themselves and change lanes. The technology also uses its sensors to avoid obstacles, identify potential barriers, and even park themselves. The technology also offers the driver the opportunity to “summon” the vehicle so it can come pick you up wherever you are.
While the technology is groundbreaking, it does not make Tesla vehicles 100 percent autonomous just yet.

According to Tech Insider, Tesla’s autopilot gives drivers a hands-on experience so they are more confident behind the wheel. To the company, the idea is to make the ride safer and more enjoyable, but the presence of the technology does not make the system fully autonomous.

The idea of having a vehicle fitted with such a system is interesting, but Tesla’s autopilot feature hasn’t always been celebrated. In the past, Tesla owners have complained about their vehicles’ autopilot. According to many complaints, the technology caused the vehicle to do things drivers didn’t want to see happening. In some instances, vehicles swerved into traffic unexpectedly, or exited too early while traveling on the highway.

While some problems have been reported, Tesla’s CEO and founder has announced that, in the future, Tesla cars will be fully autonomous.

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