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Dozens Of Accidents Caused By Objects Thrown From Freeway Overpass

Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers are warning Washingtonians to beware of suspects throwing objects at vehicles on Interstate 5 near the I-90 interchange. According to official reports, at least 75 reports of such accidents have been filed. Six people have been injured so far as a result. 

When talking to reporters, a WSP trooper said that while there have been some arrests made, they are still on the lookout for the additional suspects behind these occurrences. 

“Throwing rocks and debris at moving vehicles is not just against the law, it can be deadly dangerous,” he added. “Somebody out there knows something that can help us stop this before we suffer a loss.”

Suspect Is Throwing Objects At People’s Windshields

Troopers are investigating the accidents and claiming that oftentimes, objects thrown from freeway overpasses are shattering windshields. Because these incidents take place while the vehicles are in motion, drivers are being exposed to hazards that often cause personal injury.

The latest accident involving an airborne object happened on Friday, when a rebar went through the windshield of a vehicle driven by a 64-year-old motorist. While the driver was shaken, he did not sustain any injuries. 

This was the fourth time in the past three weeks that a driver experienced something similar in that very stretch of I-90.

Many Urge Officials To Install Cameras To Avoid Similar Accidents

As officials investigate and urge residents in Seattle and surrounding areas to contact them if they have any information that will lead them to the suspect, some suggest that the region could use some surveillance cameras. 

Because of the risks associated with this type of accident, both law enforcement and local city officials should consider upping the security in the region. Whatever they decide to do next, we hope they find the perpetrator or perpetrators behind the dozens of incidents on I-90.
For more details on these accidents and what officials are doing about it, follow this link.

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