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Dog Involved in Attack Against Postal Worker Quarantined

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Dog bite incidents continue to put the lives of countless individuals in major danger. And unfortunately for victims, many pet owners continue to ignore the signs, allowing their dogs to roam free and failing to act accordingly when signs of stress come up.

According to a series of news reports an incident involving a postal worker in Miami is prompting several safety advocates to urge pet owners to do more to keep their dogs from attacking or putting the lives of others in danger.

The incident happened this past Tuesday when the postal worker was doing her job. That’s when a pure-bred American pit bull attacked her and bit her hand.

A construction worker who had a piece of wood in his hand was able to release the woman’s hand from the dog’s mouth by hitting the animal in the head. After the incident, the woman was transported to a local hospital where she remains in stable condition. The dog is currently being quarantined.

The county’s Animal Services claimed that the dog involved in the incident escaped through an open side gate prior to the serious attack. The breed, reports indicate, is illegal in the region. But even if the breed is not illegal in other parts of the country, pet owners should stay alert to indicators that the dog may not be comfortable or ready to interact with others.

Even if your dog does not have a history of being aggressive, make sure the animal is no left unattended while outdoors. While this incident happened because the dog escaped, it takes little for some of these animals to become stressed and irritated.

If you are serious about your safety, make sure your pet never puts anybody’s life in danger.

If you see a loose dog, do not try to restrain it yourself. Contact the local Animal Service in order to have them handle the situation safely.

For more on this incident, watch the video below or click here.

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