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Dog Bite Incident Brings Out Prostesters

Dog attacks unfortunately happen all too often. And what’s worse, many victims never get the justice they deserve.

According to a series of reports, a 25-year-old woman who pleaded not guilty in a dog bite case prompted social media to go after the dog owner, bringing a series of dog safety advocates to the court.

The woman was charged with failure to control a dog, failing to vaccinate the animal, and failure to register her pet. She may also face charges of dog abandonment.

The dog bit a 5-year-old boy, prompting the police to be called to the scene. The dog was under the care of a neighbor because the owner was looking for housing that allowed pets. Following her court appearance, the woman was released on a $1,000 bold. But demonstrators gathered outside of the courtroom believe the dog owner should be held accountable for more.

Regardless of what her future is, dog bite incidents are serious and they continue to put the lives of children, teenagers, and adults in grave danger. Parents who are concerned about their children’s safety should remember that all too often, these dog bite incidents happen with pets that are familiar to the child. These instances involve dogs belonging to family members and friends. Unfortunately, many dogs show signs that they may become aggressive, but people often ignore or are not aware of how to identify these signs.

If you have pets and you also have children, make sure to train your pet to be sociable around them and other animals so they are never stressed or overwhelmed. If your dog shows signs of aggression, isolate them or keep your children away until the issue is resolved.

For more information on how to identify aggression signs on dogs, watch the video below. For more on this dog bite incident, follow this link. While our Washington pet owners are responsible and alert, it never hurts to stay aware and informed.

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