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Dog Attacks Woman On Subway After She Complains To Pet Owner

Many dog bite incidents happen in public. These accidents happen either because a pet owner failed to properly leash their dog, or because of other circumstances.

The latest dog biting incident involving a pit bull happened in New York. The incident, which was videotaped, ended up in the news.

While riding the subway, a woman asked a man to move his pit bull. The animal was occupying a seat at the time. The woman, who was already seated, noticed the animal occupying the seat and was not happy about it, especially because the animal was very close to her.

Then, a witness said, she told the dog owner that the animal should be on the floor.

As the woman pushed the dog and the man told her to stop touching the animal, the man punches her in the face. Then, she hit him back. As a result, the animal attacked the woman, and went straight for her shoe. The animal would not let go.

As passengers get involved to try to get the dog to release her, the man is heard saying that she started.

News reporters who obtained the video contacted the local police. Subway officials say that the rules are clear, non-service animals must be kept inside containers and must not disturb passengers.

While we’re glad that the incident apparently didn’t result in any injuries, we’re worried that others will try to do the same in other public means of transportation around the country.

Aggressive animals should not be allowed to be in the presence of people if they are not properly prevented from being able to do harm. Animals that can attack should be muzzled or contained.

This dog bite incident may have happened in the subway in New York, but it serves as a reminder that they may happen at any given time and anywhere. We hope dog owners keep this in mind and do all in their power to avoid similar accidents.

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