Distracted Police Officer Involved In Car Vs. Bicycle Accident

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July 23, 2018
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July 25, 2018
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Distracted driving can happen to anybody, even police officers.

Recently, an officer left a cyclist in disbelief when the cop let his marked vehicle hit the rider, causing him to fall and injure himself. While his wounds were minor, the damage to his bike wasn’t. And all the officer told the rider was, “My bad.”

News outlets report the officer was on duty at the time. The rider noticed the vehicle was coming but it was too late as he was already making his turn. Attempting to jump out of the way was not an option, he said.

In the video the rider’s GoPro camera captured, you can see the whole incident, including the cop saying “My bad, I was looking at my phone.”

The victim is now asking the police department to give him a formal apology. He’s also going to fight for the department to give him a replacement bicycle and cover his medical bills.

After the incident, the officer was placed on paid leave. Officials are now investigating.

Nobody Is Immune To Distracted Driving

Being distracted while behind the wheel can happen to anyone. Even some of the most experienced drivers out there. The fact an on-duty officer allowed distraction to lead to an accident also proves that point.

By now, most states have distracted driving laws on the books. And yet, many law enforcement agencies allow their officers to be exposed to a great deal of distraction. In this case, the officer was on his phone. But cops are also distracted by their in-patrol car computers and other gadgets they must use while patrolling.

While we glad this accident did not result in major injuries, it’s clear that consequences of distracted driving accidents can be serious. Unless you’re aware of the road, your surroundings, and the act of driving itself, you can become distracted by anything, not just your phone.

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