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DISTRACTED DRIVING: Driver Fails to Stop For Officer Due to Phone Use

Distracted driving is an epidemic nationwide. But every now and then, something happens abroad and it always reminds us of how the distracted driving issue is universal.

Being distracted while driving is a problem not only because it puts your life in danger, but because it puts the lives of others, as well as the lives of your loved ones, in danger. While distracted, drivers are unable to identify potential risks, mostly because they are not paying attention to what is going on around them.

Because your response time hurts significantly when you’re distracted, you’re also less capable of avoiding collisions as a result.

While many auto crashes that occur in Washington state are caused by distracted driving, one incident in particular that did not take place in the United States has gone viral. Not because of the tragic outcomes, far from it. But because the driver was so distracted, that she wasn’t even aware that an officer was attempting to pull her over, demonstrating how distracted drivers easily lose track of their surroundings.

According to a series of news reports, a driver was caught on tape ignoring an officer’s calls to slow down because she was too busy using her phone while behind the wheel.

The incident was filmed and posted to an Australian law enforcement agency’s Facebook page.

The incident happened in Subiaco, Australia, when an officer on a motorcycle noticed that driver inside of a Volkswagen vehicle had been holding up the traffic for an unknown reason. The officer then approached the driver and reminded her that the light was green. The driver ignored the fact an officer had just given her a heads-up, driving away without even looking up.

As the driver continues to drive away, the officer pursues her, attempting to pull her over. Despite his attempts, she continues to drive while keeping her face in her phone. Even after the officer turned on his sirens and lights, the driver still wouldn’t notice he was after her. It was only after he caught up and yelled at her,”when are you going to stop for me?” that she finally looked up.

The officer then told the driver: “That’s why you don’t use your mobile phone whilst you’re driving.”

The driver was fined for her actions. But it was the stern notice she got from the officer that will probably help her to avoid doing the same mistakes in the future.

While the video can make us giggle at the driver’s obvious lack of attention, it’s also troubling precisely because it demonstrates how easily we put ourselves and others in major danger.

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