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Distracted Driving A Factor 1 Out Of Every 4 Crashes

Distracted driving is a serious problem — we all know that. So much that new statistics show that it could be the cause of accidents in one out of ever 4 cases.

Across the country, many law enforcement agencies are putting more troopers out in the streets to target distracted drivers and make sure that they are not exposing others to dangers. And in Washington, we might also see a great deal of troopers being deployed to crack down on the activity as well.

Unfortunately for many drivers, being pulled over and slapped with a fine is often not enough. In many cases, drivers understand that distracted driving is deadly and yet, they continue to take part in the activity simply because they fail pay close attention to the potential risks associated with distractions.

But once drivers learn first hand what happens to them when they are distracted, things change.

If motorists are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving and they see the consequences with their own eyes, they tend to stop distracted driving at its tracks. But many drivers end up suffering injuries in crashes because they were distracted at the time. Some of them go on to talk to others to inspire them and teach them about the dangers of distracted driving while others simply learn their lesson the hard way and never go back to the activity.

Regardless, all Washington motorists should keep in mind that crashes caused by distracted driving can be deadly. Until all drivers understand this reality, these accidents will continue to happen and there’s nothing that we can do to stop it.

If you’re a conscious driver, remember that distractions can increase the risk of crashes simply because they delay your response time. Do not allow this to happen to you or a loved one by telling others about the risks associated with the activity.

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