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Despite Light Traffic Due To COVID-19 Lockdown, Seattle Continues To See Deadly Accidents

Despite reports of lower traffic due to the COVID-19-related stay-at-home orders issued by Gov. Jay Inslee, officials continue to report that drivers who venture out are being caught driving recklessly and at high rates of speed. As a matter of fact, we continue to hear about horrific auto accidents across the state, putting the lives of hundreds in danger. 

The latest deadly Seattle car accident was reported early this week. 

According to local news outlets, a person died as a result of a rollover accident near Seattle’s SoDo District. 

Officials told reporters that emergency personnel and police responded to calls of a serious accident on Airport Way South at about 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. The vehicle was found overturned and resting on its roof. 

Two occupants were found in the vehicle. 

Officials said one person was pronounced dead at the scene while emergency personnel had to extricate the second passenger who had been trapped inside.

Details on the second passenger’s injuries or whether there were any other vehicles involved were not immediately unveiled. 

Authorities are still investigating what caused the accident. 

As Washingtonians Stay Put Over COVID-19 Concerns, Officials Urge Caution  

Law enforcement officials in Washington continue to urge state residents to drive carefully and to never ignore traffic rules.

Due to the low volume of vehicles on the roads across the state, officials are seeing an increase in the number of drivers going at fast rates of speed. Despite their actions, officials warn, drivers will be pulled over if they fail to observe the speed limit. 

As we discussed in our blog recently, Washingtonians who have to drive during the lockdown should be aware that stress and driving do not mix.

If you have to hit the road but you feel anxious and worried about going places because of the potential risks associated with COVID-19 infections, you should take some steps to either calm yourself down before sitting behind the wheel or discussing the matter with others, who might be able to help you through this difficult time. 

Putting yourself in danger of experiencing an accident because you’re not ready to drive yet is not worth it.  

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