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Designer Believes Self-Driving Car Tech Will Tank

When we think about safety, speed is not what first comes to mind.

A recent report on self-driving car technology has argued that a legendary car designer has given the self-driving technology some tough love. According to the designer, manufacturers and tech groups may have a hard time bringing the technology to the masses due to the challenges associated with making the system become widely accepted.

The designer has been involved with Tesla, BMW, and Aston Martin, but as he learns more about the autonomous technology, he finds little to be optimistic about.

While many new technologies have been created over the years, and consumers have mostly been accepting of these new technologies, the designer believes that the lack of appeal tied to self-driving systems might not be as remarkable as some other systems. He believes that, if the market really has a say, the self-driving system will have space as part of certain applications. Only advance cruise control and other types of autonomous features will allow the self-driving technology to make its way into people’s lives.

The designer justifies this by claiming that cars that drive themselves simply cannot speed like humans do. While speed is one of the most common factors behind auto crashes, and the use of the self-driving technology may be justifiable for those who are only looking for a safer form of transportation, the designer believes that most drivers will not settle for vehicles that won’t “break the speed limit.”

While this problem could be a major deal breaker for drivers who like to go fast, experts also believe that the self-driving car’s lack of flexibility may also be a safety issue.
In November of 2015, a Google self-driving car was pulled over for driving too slowly. The incident brought many experts to say that the driverless cars could actually pose a risk simply by following traffic laws to the T. This lack of flexibility could also be an issue for consumers who are just looking for a safety boost.

Another issue brought up by the designer is the fact that there would be no clear explanation of who would be at fault in the event of a crash. If a driverless car is involved in an accident and people are injured or even killed, who should be to blame?

Currently, states are in charge or setting their own self-driving car rules. But soon enough, however, the federal government will have to step in.

Until then, what is your opinion? Will the self-driving car technology tank or succeed?

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