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Decorating for the Holidays? Follow These Safety Tips

Safety should always be our top priority. Especially during the holiday festivities.

To parents willing to make their children’s holiday parties something to remember, following these important safety tips should help them to guarantee a safe and healthy holiday season.

According to experts, the centerpiece of people’s holiday celebrations is the tree. When purchasing a real tree, you must do all in your power to remember that it must be fresh, which will make it more resistant to becoming dry and to catching fire. To check if the tree is fresh, look at the needles and verify if they are green and if they aren’t easily broken.

While maintaining the tree, make sure to water it regularly so it’s always moist.

But if you’re going to purchase or use an artificial tree, make sure the manufacturer produced a product that is flame retardant. When decorating the tree, do not use string lights that have defects, missing bulbs, or other issues since frayed electrical cords may lead to fires. Check ornaments for anything that might be chipped, especially if it’s made of glass. Children may be injured if they handle these items.

When using candles for decorations, experts urge consumers to watch them closely, especially around the children. When extinguishing the candles, consider using tweezers or wick snuffers to avoid blowing them out and splattering wax on people nearby. Do not leave the room before making sure the flames are extinguished.

While cooking, safety advocates urge consumers prepping for Christmas celebrations to keep in mind that cooking is the leading cause of fires during the holiday season. Since you’re entertaining during this time of the year, keep everything that may catch on fire away from the stove top, and avoid leaving anything unattended. To stay safe, have a fire extinguisher at hand and learn the basics of how to put out a fire.

Also, check your smoke alarms. Do not allow any celebrations to be carried out without making sure you’re prepared for an emergency.

For more tips on how to stay safe through the holiday season, follow this link or watch the video below.

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