Deadly Two-Car Accident Claims Two Lives, Sends Six Others To Hospital

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February 21, 2019
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February 26, 2019
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The latest snowstorm that hit the state resulted in hundreds of crashes. But officials did not link any bad weather or road conditions to the latest deadly accident to take place in Lewis County.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the accident happened in the afternoon on Saturday. A 39-year-old woman was heading east in an SUV on U.S. 12 in Lewis County when the vehicle crossed the center line for unknown reasons.

The SUV then crashed head-on against the car a 36-year-old woman was driving.

The second driver and the five children in her car suffered injuries. The 39-year-old in the SUV and a 10-year-old died at the scene, authorities explained.

Officials are still investigating this horrific head-on collision, trying to understand what factor led to the accident. Until then, it’s important to stay alert and avoid being involved in similar collisions by following certain important road rules.

Stay Alert To Avoid Accidents

Many accidents happen because drivers become distracted, drowsy, or because they are intoxicated. Other accidents happen because of equipment issues.

Drivers should avoid distracted driving by never allowing external factors to take their attention away from the road. By the same token, they must also avoid drowsy driving by never getting behind the wheel while tired.

If you’re going on a long drive, organize yourself to avoid driving while tired.

Have a passenger that could take over driving duties if needed or pull over to a safe place where you can stop for a nap.

To avoid drinking and driving accidents, the only thing you can do is to never drink and drive. Not only is the practice illegal, but it will impair your skills, making it nearly impossible to avoid accidents.

Finally, to avoid accidents associated with equipment failure, drivers must stay alert and get their cars to a dealership for repairs whenever necessary. Keeping up with the car’s maintenance and recalls is key to avoiding crashes caused by equipment issues.

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