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Deadly Tacoma Pedestrian Accident Reminds Us To Use Caution To Avoid Injury

A fatal traffic accident involving a pedestrian that took place in Tacoma last Tuesday was the 3rd fatality that day in Pierce County, officials said. According to Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers who responded to the scene, the pedestrian was in the middle of the northbound lane of Interstate 5 trying to jump in front of cars. A vehicle eventually hit the pedestrian just before 10 p.m., which led to the victim’s death. The accident happened near the Portland Avenue exit. 

Earlier on the same day, a tow truck driver died after being struck by a semi-truck on I-5 while securing a vehicle to his tow truck.  Officials said the semi-truck driver is suspected of driving under the influence. Also on Tuesday, a work truck collided with a semi-truck in the southbound lanes of I-5, killing one driver.

As personal injury attorneys, we often help pedestrians after they are victims of traffic accidents. We know the pain and suffering they go through following a crash. In order to help others stay safe, we urge all to follow the safety steps below. 

1- Avoid Pedestrian Accidents By Staying Visible

Officials urge pedestrians to remain visible at all times to avoid accidents. That means staying in well-lit areas at all times but especially at night and wearing bright and reflective clothing.

Making eye contact with motorists before crossing is also important. 

2- Do Not Be Distracted

Much is said about the dangers of distracted driving but quite often, we forget that pedestrians also become distracted by their phones and other electronic devices. 

When walking and crossing the road, never look at your phone or have your headphones on. In order to stay safe you must rely on your eyes and ears to see and hear what is going on around you. 

3- If You Must Pull Over, Call For Help

Many pedestrian accidents happen when drivers pull over on the side of a busy road. Due to the high rates of speed of other vehicles, drivers may not be able to slow down or pay attention to what is going on on the shoulder of the highway. If you are in an emergency situation and you must pull over, leave as much space as possible between your vehicle and the roadway and activate your hazard lights.  Additionally, consider contacting law enforcement for help before exiting the vehicle.  If you exit your vehicle, move as far away from it as you safely can and never stand between two stopped vehicles on a shoulder or roadway.

Thanks to the Move Over law, drivers must move over and slow down when they see emergency vehicles’ signals flashing. This could save your life. 

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