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Deadly Snowmobile Accident Claims WSP Trooper’s Life

The death of a veteran Washington State Patrol trooper is being reported by news outlets nationwide. The 28 year veteran of the force was riding a snowmobile in the French Cabin Creek area when an avalanche struck. He was later found dead. 

According to many of his colleagues, the victim was a respected trooper who was greatly loved by all WSP staff. At the time of the accident, the trooper had gone snowmobiling with a friend. Only the trooper died as a result of the incident.

Unfortunately, deaths caused by avalanches have been common across the country during this winter season. 

In the past week alone, news outlets report, 15 people across the nation died after being caught in avalanches, making last week the deadliest on record for the sports since 1910.  

If you are enthusiastic about snowmobiling, keep in mind that there are a series of safety measures you should follow to prevent accidents.

Avoid Deadly Snowmobile Accidents Following These Tips

Before scheduling your snowmobiling trip, enroll in a snowmobile safety course to learn how to enjoy the activity without putting yourself in danger. 

During these courses, you learn how the snowmobile works, their parts, how to ride and how to react if you encounter a problem. 

Additionally, you learn how to deal with potential emergencies, how to avoid serious hazards, and what the law says about the activity. 

Before venturing out on the trails, you should make sure you have all this information down, as well as the experience of being able to practice with the help of a certified instructor. By being cautious and learning all you need to learn before snowmobiling will pay off. 

To further protect yourself from potential dangers, keep in mind that snowmobiling, much like any other outdoor sport, is heavily dependent on the weather. 

Keep an eye on the local weather forecast and avoid any risky weather conditions such as blizzards and whiteouts. Depending on the weather, it might be safer to just stay home. 

For more tips on how to snowmobile safely, click here. For more on the deadly snowmobile accident follow this link

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