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Deadly Hot Car Accidents: Children Aren’t The Only Ones At Risk

Across the country, hot car deaths are always a concern this time of the year. As Washington state residents experience yet another heat wave, we would like to remind everyone that children are especially susceptible to suffering heat strokes if allowed to stay in a hot car for certain periods of time. However, children aren’t the only ones who are at risk.

We must be mindful of the risks and help the most vulnerable among us stay safe. 

Eleven Children Dead In Hot Car Accidents This Year Alone

According to news outlets, eleven children have died in the United States this year alone after being left in hot cars. With safety advocates reminding us that cars can become dangerously hot in a short period of time, it is important to note that children, older people, and people with disabilities are also in grave danger if left in a hot vehicle.

Director of Kids and Car Safety Amber Rollins told news outlets that heat stroke-related incidents “can happen very quickly.” 

“It’s just miserable in there. It really doesn’t take long for somebody to become disoriented, and just not in their right mind.” 

Temperatures Rise Quickly

With deadly incidents in 2022 surpassing the number of hot car deaths reported in 2021, experts at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urge anyone with a vehicle to consider that heat-related incidents can happen even if outside temperatures are low. 

“If left for enough time, that vehicle will continue to heat up over time. So it’s not something that is just on a particularly hot day,” NHTSA safety specialist Laura Dunn said. “It is something that can happen in a kind of temperate environment.”

Within ten minutes, in-car temperatures can rise 20 degrees. In under an hour, the temperature might get 40 degrees higher. If it’s 90 degrees outside, things can get seriously bad in about 10 minutes, putting the most vulnerable amongst us in real danger. And according to experts, it does not matter if you crack the windows open or park in the shade. 

To avoid hot car accidents involving children, the elderly, the disabled, or even pets, always make sure you have a visual reminder in place to keep you from leaving anyone in the back seat when you arrive at your destination. 

For more information on this issue and how to prevent hot car incidents, follow this link.  

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