Deadly Fire Caused By Heater Prompts Company To Launch Another Recall Alert

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stove 1857814 1280

All too often, serious and even deadly accidents involving defective products happen, reminding us of the importance of responding to recall campaigns promptly.

Vornado Air LLC reissued a recall involving electric space heaters after a 90-year-old woman died in a fire provoked by the device. The company also received at least 19 other reports of the heater catching fire.

According to the company, the electric space heater VH101 Personal Vortex can overheat while in use. This problem could lead to fires and burn injuries. The company claims 350,000 units are at risk of putting consumers in danger.

To identify units that could present the defect, check for the items’ model “VH101” and an ETL mark printed on the silver rating label on the bottom of the heater.

Items come in coral orange, black, grayed jade, cinnamon, fig, ice white, and red. Devices measure about 7.2 inches long by 7.8 inches wide by 7.10 inches high.

Items that could present risks were sold nationwide between August 2009 and March 2018. Stores such as Home Depot, Orchard Supply, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and others as well as sold the items during the same period.

Consumers must stop using the heaters immediately to avoid injury. If you own one of the items and you’re concerned for your safety, act accordingly. The company should send you a full refund or a replacement unit to help you avoid fires in the future.

Ignoring Serious Recalls Increases Risk Of Accidents

It’s more than clear: Safety recalls should not be ignored. The horrific incidents associated with this heater recall remind us of that. Unfortunately, many consumers fail to receive recall alerts either because they didn’t register their products or because they are not on top of consumer news. That’s why we often report on these recalls, so we can help our readers avoid consumer product-related accidents.

For more on this specific recall, follow this link.

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