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Deadly Crash Reminds Us of the Importance of Car Seats

Car safety is extremely important, especially when it comes to securing your children. When stories concerning children who are injured in auto accidents because of a car safety seat defect or ineffective installation, it’s important for us to discuss the incidents so more parents are made aware of the potential risks.

One accident that happened in Georgia is shocking the entire nation.

According to a series of news reports, a 4-year-old child was fatally injured in an auto accident last Saturday. Investigators looking into the accident say the child hadn’t been restrained in a car safety seat at the time of the accident.

While Georgia law requires parents or caregivers to restrain their child while in a car, the child wasn’t allegedly placed in a car safety seat prior to the accident.

In Richmond County, where the accident took place, law enforcement agents distributed 851 child restraint citations in 2015 alone.

In the United States, car accidents account for most of the deaths of young children between the ages of two and 14. If drivers are serious about their children’s safety, they should not ignore the hard numbers. They should also remember that the car safety seat should be the right model for their child.

But worrying about installation is also important when it comes to child safety.

According to experts, most parents still install their children’s car safety seats incorrectly. As a result, children are less secure in the event of an accident. Instead of ignoring the car seat’s owner’s manual, parents should follow the instructions carefully and make sure that they know exactly what to do instead of simply positioning the seat without a general knowledge of what they should expect.

Experts also urge parents to keep in mind that securing the child to the car seat is also a necessary step toward ensuring children are properly protected.

If straps are too loose, children may slip and be exposed to serious injuries in the event of a collision.

Parents should stay alert to their states’ laws concerning car safety seats. They should also keep in mind that they may contact the local authorities to learn more about open car safety seat checks they could participate to verify whether their seats are securely installed or not.

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