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Deadly Crash May Have Been Caused by Distraction

A recent auto crash involving a distracted driver has been covered by series of news sources nationwide. And while the tragic crash is still under investigation, initial reports show that the crash may have been caused by a driver who as distracted moments before the collision.

According to the several accident reports, the 31-year-old whose life was lost in this tragic crash was the passenger in her fiancé’s vehicle. The 31-year-old woman, who was also a mother, was declared brain-dead after the driver of a vehicle following behind them crashed into the back of the car at highway speed. Since the driver to blame for the crash may have been distracted, local authorities are investigating.

What this tragic crash has to teach to all of us is that when you’re not concerned with what is going on with your surroundings and the road in front of you, tragic accidents may occur. Unfortunately, the victims are often innocent passengers or drivers who hadn’t given in to distraction before the crash.

If you’re a driver and you’re concerned about your safety and the safety of your loved ones, learn from this tragic crash and avoid inattention at all times. Looking down to check a message or an email, even if for just a few seconds, can be deadly. Instead of allowing inattention to take over, steer clear from temptation.

As law enforcement agencies and other government-backed groups rush to encourage drivers to stay safe by coming up with educational programs and enforcement efforts, many drivers are still unaware of the potential dangers. But even those who understand that there’s a risk as still having a hard time avoiding distraction on their own, as many researchers have pointed out.

If you’re serious about your safety and you would like to be a more responsible driver, put your phone down, stop talking to your passengers, and focus on the road ahead. If you’re incapable of paying attention to the road at all times while driving, pull over and let someone else drive.

For more on this tragic crash, watch the video below or click here for more details.

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