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Deadly Centralia Crash Claims Child’s Life

As a personal injury attorney, reporting on auto accidents that result in injuries pain us deeply. When these accidents result in deaths, the pain is even greater.

According to several news reports, an 8-year-old girl lost her life in a tragic crash this past Monday in Centralia. The crash, the Washington State Patrol has announced, happened when the vehicle traveling on the westbound lanes of the road crossed the centerline before it plowed into a parked pickup truck. The truck involved in the accident was not occupied.

According to the police, the child occupying the vehicle that crossed the centerline died due to her injuries. She had been wearing her seat belt prior to the collision.

The driver was airlifted to the the hospital to have her injuries treated.

While this tragic accident is still under investigation, the tragic consequences remind us that a series of factors may lead to deadly accidents. Parents who are sleep deprived for instance should keep in mind that drowsy driving can lead to serious consequences. Instead of putting yourself in a dangerous situation by continuing to drive even though you feel like you might fall asleep at the wheel, pull over to a safe spot where you can take a nap before taking off.

Also, keep in mind that distracted driving is also one of the most common factors behind accidents. Instead of allowing distraction to take over, make sure to focus on the road ahead and never ignore a potential risk simply because you thought that text message or email couldn’t wait.

Until the authorities are able to provide more information on this tragic crash, continue to pay attention to the road and avoid driving while tired. Hopefully, officers are able to identify the factors that led to this tragic crash promptly so others may learn from this tragic incident.

You may follow this link to read more details on this crash.

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