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Deadly Accident Sends Pregnant Woman, Toddler To Hospital

A horrific accident involving a pregnant woman and a toddler is shocking Washington state, reminding us all that life is precious and we must work hard to protect it.

According to the Washington State Patrol, a crash involving two vehicles happened on State Route 432. The crash sent a pregnant woman and a 3-year-old to the hospital. The child is in critical condition. A third person suffered fatal injuries.

After the two vehicles crashed at 432 and Douglas Street at about 8 p.m. on Wednesday, one driver suffered fatal injuries while the pregnant woman and toddler suffered serious injuries. Emergency personnel freed them from the vehicle and sent them to the hospital for treatment. The driver in the second vehicle did not suffer any injuries.

Washington officials investigating this accident have yet to report on what caused the deadly crash.

Children Are Vulnerable In Car Accidents

Traffic crashes are often behind most child-related deaths and injuries. Parents must do all in their power to make sure their children are safe. For that to happen, parents must use the correct car seat for their child’s weight and height, and they must install the car seat properly. Unfortunately, many car seats are not installed correctly, putting children in grave danger.

When seats are loose or parents do not properly secure their children, the impact produced by the accident will lead to injuries and even death.

Protecting our children means making sure car seats are safe. And that involves securing the car seat and the child properly.

We hope that authorities are fully investigating this tragic accident so the factors that led to the crash can surface. We also hope that the victims of the accident are recovering quickly and in full.

For more on the accident and what the WSP is doing, follow this link.

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