Deadly Accident Reported, Passenger Vehicle and Tanker Truck Involved

A recent collision involving an SUV and a tanker truck has unfortunately led to a fatality.

According to several reports released by the Washington State Patrol, the accident happened on Highway 395. The SUV driver was reportedly seriously injured in the accident.

The Washington State Patrol claimed that the SUV motorist was traveling on the northbound lanes of the 395 when the vehicle was allowed to cross the center line, putting the vehicle on the path of a tanker truck carrying 9,8000 gallons of fuel. The impact caused by the collision caused the SUV to be thrown off the road where the driver was ejected. The authorities claimed that the SUV motorist did not have his seat belt on at the time of the collision, which caused the driver to be ejected from the car.

No other injuries were reported. The authorities are investigating the crash to learn more about the factors that led to this accident.

Too often, accidents like this happen because of distractions while other cases are caused by speeding, intoxicated driving, or drowsy driving.

This tragic and unfortunate car accident should remind all of us that focus on the road will help us to make it home safe. Distractions and intoxication can take our ability to avoid accidents away, increasing the risk of deadly accidents.

If you’re used to being on the phone while behind the wheel or using other electronics while operating a car, you could be exposing you, your passengers, and countless others to deadly personal injury risks. In order to ensure that auto accidents are avoided, put safety first and avoid certain risky behaviors such as phone use, reaching out to objects inside the car, dealing with pets or children in the backseat, or talking to passengers.

Also, if you’re going to be driving for long hours, avoid drowsiness by simply pulling over to a safe place to take a nap if you begin to feel like you’re too tired to continue.

By focusing on your driving and dealing with the act of driving with responsibility will help you to stay safe and avoid crashes that could expose you and others to major risks.