Deadly Accident Might Be Linked To Takata Air Bags

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The Takata air bag problem continues to impact car drivers nationwide, but not just because of the recalls. According to the latest reports, a woman involved in an accident in her home state died after the air bag inflators ruptured as a result of the internal pressure associated with the deployment. The accident happened in Louisiana in April and now, her family is taking the case to court.

stethoscope-66885_640According to the reports, the woman was behind the wheel of her 2005 Honda Accord when the vehicle crashed into a utility pole. The collision caused the air bags to deploy. Since the air bags the Honda Accord was fitted with were associated with the same products recalled by Takata, the family believes the woman would have survived if the inflator hadn’t ruptured.

According to the lawsuit filed by the 22-year-old’s family, the the woman’s right carotid artery was severed once the metal shrapnel impacted her. The family’s attorney claims no other injuries were found. Four days after the accident, the driver died as a result of her personal injuries in the hospital.

At the moment, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into the matter to identify just what caused the accident. Until a full investigation and an autopsy are carried out, the federal agency is unable to corroborate the family’s story.

Takata finally gave in to the authorities in May by launching a nationwide recall. The 22-year-old driver’s family received the recall report associated with their Honda Accord right after the accident took place.

This is the seventh person who’s died as a result of accidents associated with the Takata air bags. Over 100 people have been injured in accidents in which the inflators exploded.

At least 11 automakers have been linked to the products and are now launching their own nationwide recalls to have all impacted vehicles repaired. Honda released a statement claiming the company is investigating the accident.

According to the suit, the family is accusing Honda and Takata of ignoring the problem for a decade, which has put millions of drivers nationwide at risk.

If you would like to learn more about this particular accident and what the family is doing to make sure that others won’t suffer the same consequences, follow this link to read the full article.

If you were impacted by this or any other auto recall, make sure to have your vehicle inspected and repaired immediately to avoid any problem that could lead to a deadly accident.