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Dangerous U-Turn Leads to Deadly Two-Car Crash Near Snohomish

A terrible auto crash that happened near to Snohomish has resulted in the death of at least one man from Mt. Vernon, authorities have reported.

According to series of news reports, the man involved in the accident whose life was cut short due to the collision was trying to make a U-turn while on Highway 9 north of Snohomish when a Dodge Ram pickup truck crashed into his Toyota Echo. The Toyota driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The 56-year-old man was from Mt. Vernon.

According to the authorities, a preliminary investigation shows that the Toyota vehicle was heading south on Highway 9 moments before the crash when the driver encountered a great deal of traffic. That’s when the driver attempted to make the dangerous U-turn, putting himself in harm’s way.

News sources haven’t announced if the pickup driver was injured. But both vehicles were totaled as a result of the crash.

Crashes like this can be prevented. If you are a driver and you’re serious about our own safety and the safety of your loved ones, keep an eye out for potentially dangerous maneuvers that could expose you to serious risks. Also, pay attention to the road rules. Make an effort to comply with all road signs and avoid speeding. In case of heavy traffic, if you’re unable to get off that particular route in a safe manner, avoid taking any risks by giving it some time until you learn what is keeping you.

Many auto accidents are still caused by recklessness or lack of attention to road rules. Drivers who put safety first should keep this in mind, avoiding any kind of activity that could lead to serious and even deadly collisions.

You may follow this link to read more about this tragic Washington crash. We hope the family of the victim is receiving the support they deserve in this time of grief.

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