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Cyclist Files Legal Claim Against City Of Seattle After Accident

Cyclists suffer a great deal while attempting to negotiate roads. As drivers ignore them, they also end up exposing them to serious and sometimes even deadly risks. But now, a cyclist is filing a claim against Seattle not because of a passenger vehicle but because of a streetcar accident that slowed down her career and paused her dreams for months.

According to a series of news reports, a woman who works as a sign language interpreter is unable to work as one of her arms was seriously injured in an accident involving her bike and a streetcar.

She was riding down the Yesler hill on her bike and in the dedicated bike lane when she tried to go around the bus as there was no room for her. As a result, she went into the track.

This is not the first time this type of accident happens as another rider crashed similarly in 2016 and later passed away.

Now, the woman who’s unable to work is filing a legal claim against the city of Seattle due to her injury.

On the day of the accident, the woman was on her way to her signing job and unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to take on her role since it occurred

As she recovers, she hopes she’s able to go back to work at some point. Still, she’s losing a great deal of wages as a result of her injuries. As she fights for compensation, she believes that the Seattle Department of Transportation isn’t doing enough to mitigate the risks associated with that particular area of the road and how complicated it is for bikes to merge at that intersection. To many, that particular corner is known as a “death trap,” which wouldn’t be acceptable for cars, so why is it acceptable for bicycle riders?

Hopefully, this victim is able to recover fully and promptly. We also hope that the city learns from these mistakes so that accidents like this do not happen again.

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