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Cyclist Dead In Accident Involving Semitrailer in Wala Wala

A horrific accident in Washington involving a cyclist has resulted in a fatality. Unfortunately for Walla Walla residents, this isn’t the first time a similar accident is reported.

Most of us, Washington drivers and cyclists, are already aware of the high rate of accidents and crashes taking place regularly across the state. But even as officials implement changes to the laws to give drivers extra incentives to stay focused, very few things seem to change. Unfortunately, many drivers go on thinking that they are immune to the risks and end up not only exposing themselves but also others to injury and even death risks.

The latest accident involving a cyclist happened Monday. A cyclist was involved in a collision with a semitrailer in Walla Walla at Ninth Avenue and Alder Street. The horrific accident is still under investigation.

While we are not aware of what factors may have led to this accident and what the driver or the cyclist were doing prior to the collision, we know that many accidents that impact cyclists are caused by distracted drivers.

Many of these motorists will fail to look before changing lanes, allowing their vehicles to travel directly into the path of a cyclist. While many are able to react quickly, getting themselves out of harm’s way, others aren’t so lucky.

Many of the victims are seriously injured and scarred for life, having to rely on medical support until the rest of their days whereas others end up suffering traumatizing and eventually deadly wounds.

We hope authorities are able to identify just what happened prior to this accident so that others can learn from it. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends, who are now in need of all the support and caring they can receive.

For more updates on this accident, follow this link.

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