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Crash Hazard Tied to Subaru, Ford Recalls

Multiple news reports have indicated that at least two major automakers have launched recalls associated with crash risks.

While the two recall campaigns are associated with the same type of hazard, consumers should stay alert to the potential risks and act by making sure that the issues associated with the campaigns are addressed as soon as possible.

The first recall consumers should be aware of impacts all units of the 2016 Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 trucks. These vehicles, the report released by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, come with tires installed during the assembly of the vehicles that may experience damage to the sidewall. If that’s the case, there might be a loss of air or a tire rupture that could cause the driver to be exposed to a crash risk. If there’s a tire failure while the vehicle is in use, an accident may occur.

Ford has announced that all recalled vehicle owners are going to be contacted promptly. Once you’re contacted, schedule a visit to a dealership to have your tires replaced entirely for free. This move would help drivers to avoid crashes.

For more details on this recall campaign, follow this link.

Subaru Recalls Over 48,000 Vehicles Nationwide

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that Subaru of America, Inc. has launched a campaign that impacts all Legacy and Outback vehicles from the 2016 and 2017 year makes. The recalled vehicles were manufactured between February 29, 2016 and May 6, 2016.

Since the steering columns on the recalled vehicles may fail due to an issue with the machining process, the steering wheel may not turn correctly. If that’s the case, the direction of the wheels may not change when the driver steers the wheel.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles will be contacted promptly. Once they are contacted, they are being urged to schedule a visit to a dealer so the steering column is inspected and replaced if necessary. Subaru consumers with the recalled vehicles are being contacted soon. If you have one of the recalled vehicles and the company does not reach out, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Over 48,000 units of these vehicles were recalled nationwide.

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