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Costco Linked to Food Poisoning Cases in 7 States

According to a series of news reports, at least 19 people in seven states have fallen ill after being exposed to contaminated food sold at Costco Wholesale Corp’s stores. These incidents have occurred in California, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, and Virginia.

This is not the first time that tainted food products in Washington expose consumers to E. coli in the recent past. Chipotle stores continue to be investigated after dozens of consumers in the state, Oregon and other states fell ill after allegedly consuming contaminated food items at the Mexican grill restaurants.

Products being linked to the Costco-related food poisoning incidents include rotisserie chicken salad items sold at Costco stores. At least five out of the 19 people who fell ill were hospitalized. In two cases, consumers developed hemolytic uremic syndrome as a result of the exposure to the E. coli-contaminated food items.

According to experts in Seattle, the number of people exposed to the E.coli-tainted products may increase.

In 14 of the cases, individuals bought or consumed rotisserie chicken salad one before week they began feeling the symptoms. So far, however, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the ingredient that may have been contaminated hasn’t yet been identified. But the Food and Drug Administration has reported that celery may have been the ingredient that was originally contaminated.

The strain of E. coli linked to the 19 cases so far is known as E. coli O157:H7. According to experts, this strain may cause serious illness. In 1993, this very same strain killed four children who had been served undercooked burgers at Jack in the Box restaurants.

Reports show that this is not the first time that Costco stores are linked to food poisoning incidents. Last year, the company was linked to salmonella outbreaks linked to chicken products sold in nine states.

If you’re a Costco or Chipotle consumer and you fell ill after eating at their locations, do not wait to see a doctor. Get tested to verify whether the strain of E. coli you were exposed to came from the products you consumed at either of those stores.

Contact us if you would like legal help with your case. Negligent companies should never be allowed to operate without being held accountable. If impacted consumers stay silent now, others will fall ill in the future.

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