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Consumer Reports: One In Six Uber, Lyft Cars Have Open Recalls

A study by Consumer Reports suggests that one in every six Uber and Lyft cars have open recalls. In many cases, these recalls are associated with issues that may lead to injuries and accidents.

According to the study, tens of thousands of these vehicles, mainly those registered in New York City and Seattle, are in danger of experiencing issues that could lead to accidents. Because these defects may lead to crashes, experts are saying that Uber and Lyft are letting their customers down. Especially because drivers are responsible for checking these issues and making sure their cars are fixed. Uber and Lyft do little to make sure their drivers are maintaining their cars in top shape.

Consumer Reports claimed that there are “glaring issues” with some of these recalls. Some even have Takata air bags, which may explode under certain circumstances. In the past, over a dozen of car occupants died as a result of issues with the Takata air bags. Hundreds of others were injured. And yet, some Uber and Lyft cars are picking up customers with cars fitted with faulty air bags.

Uber, Lyft Have No Clear Policy Regarding Recalls

While the two ride-sharing companies have rules regarding the age of vehicles drivers can use, neither company has a strict policy regarding open recalls.

Experts say that ordinances regarding the ride-sharing companies change from place to place. But the onus is on drivers in case their vehicle has an open recall. That’s because Uber and Lyft take only minor steps to tell their drivers to fix their vehicles.

Many of the accidents associated with open recalls happen after campaigns start. It’s imperative that car owners act fast in order to avoid accidents and injuries, especially if the issue is a serious one.

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, talk to your colleagues and to the company about helping to make riders safer by demanding a more careful recall policy.

For more on this investigation, click here. And for more information on how you can get a free case evaluation if you’re in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, follow this link.

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